On Stage at home 2020

Hello again!  It’s the 3rd and final session of On Stage @ Home, and as promised I’m sharing with you all the swaps I got from my amazing team.  I’m the luckiest leader ever to have such a fabulous group!

The way swaps work is simple: everyone designs a card and makes a number of them all the same.  They take their card to an event and swap it with other people there, and therefore end up with lots of different cards, with new ideas and designs and techniques from other demonstrators.  For the virtual event, my team sent their cards to me and I swapped them over and sent them back with their gifts.  I’ve posted the photos below with the name of each creator, giving credit where it is due.

Emma's swap
Hazel's swap
Heather's swap
Susan's swap
Linda's swap
Debbie's swap
Garance's swap
Brydie's swap
Jen's swap